Friday, October 12, 2012

How Do I Love ACV? Let Me Count The Ways...

Throughout the years Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been touted for a multitude of uses such as a digestive aide, weight loss enabler, silver cleanser, and salad dressing component. My first experience with shots (shots shots shots shots SHOTS SHOTS, EVERYBODY! – LMFAO voice) came at a very young age when my Aunt Gladys would offer up a shot of vinegar as a preventative measure after I consumed fish just in case I happened to have swallowed a bone while I was throwing down. While I am no longer a toddler at risk of asphyxiation by hidden fish bone I have recently found another way for this miracle potion to save my life... One curl at a time.
The Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse has on more than one occasion resurrected my lackluster tresses. Whenever shrinkage is at an all time high, shine at a depressing low, frizz is running rampant, and God forbid I forget to wrap my hair at night (insert shriek here) ACV is my saving grace (queue Christina’s "I Turn To You"). The mix is a simple one and the process takes only as long as it takes one to pour out the contents of a bottle.
The Mix:
Step #1:  GRAB an empty (and clean) 10-16 oz sized water bottle.
Step #2: FILL the bottle half way with Apple Cider Vinegar.
Step #3: FILL the rest of the bottle with filtered water.
Step #4: APPLY after rinsing out conditioner and before applying styling product. If you follow The Becky the ACV Rinse would be applied in between Steps 4 and 5. I usually apply my ACV Rinse in the shower and I do not rinse it out. I store both my ACV and filtered water in the refrigerator so this rinse is pretty cold but it does a stellar job sealing up the hair cuticle.
Side bar… Be VERY careful not to get the ACV Rinse in your eyes. I speak from experience when I say it stings like the Dickens if you do. Remember Daryl Hannah's trailer scene in Kill Bill (the one where her second eye gets pecked out of the socket by a vengeful Uma Thurman)? Yes, I was screaming and flailing about my shower something like that. The pain and horror did pass once I realized that Quentin Tarantino was not behind a camera in my bathroom and I was not going to be nominated for an Oscar for my performance. Upon realizing that I was not dying, I took a breath and was fine after a few seconds of rinsing my face in the shower stream. Nowadays, I take every precaution (close eyes tightly, pour rinse with my head leaning back instead of forward, and rinse my face frequently) to ensure that the ACV doesn’t wander into my eyes.
Step #5: STYLE as usual. You should instantly notice smoother curls, less shrinkage, killer shine, and definition that would impress the curliest of Curly-Idols.
I typically do an ACV Rinse only when my curls are feeling unusually drab and frizzy and when a good old sulfate-free shampoo does nothing to bring them back into alignment (which at this stage in the game is about once every other month). ACV has cleansing qualities so I do my rinses in between wash days so I don’t overly strip my hair of needed moisture and my natural oils.
What is your go to process when you need to resurrect lackluster tresses?
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