Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here Come The Curls… Wedding Day Hair Edition

Weddings are joyous occasions that bring with them their fair amount of anxiety. Achieving the perfect “Wedding Day Hair” is up there with finding the perfect dresses, securing a venue, finalizing the guest list, and choosing those all important dance songs. 
I had the esteemed pleasure of serving as a bridesmaid in one of my best (and longest) friend’s weddings this past weekend. Wedding Day Hair Anxiety (WDHA) set in almost immediately. Would I straighten my hair for the big day? If so, would my curl pattern be forever changed and I be left with permanently straightened (and scorched) strands? If I wore my hair curly would my curls cooperate under the pressure of such a special occasion? I know I wrote that I have stopped trying to control my curls in They're Gonna Do What They're Gonna Do, Baby but on this day, I really, really, REALLY needed them to behave (and obey).

I feel my hair looks its absolute best on Day 3 so, I pre-pooed on Wednesday night to maximize the moisture and shine in my tresses. On Thursday I shampooed my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, double strand-twisted with a leave-in conditioner and homemade flaxseed gel, then let my hair air-dry overnight. 
On Friday I released the twists and rocked a twist-out while running last minute errands (aren't there ALWAYS last minute errands?). I was so pleased with the results I achieved with my twist-out that I did a little twist-out touch-up for the rehearsal dinner by water-spritzing, applying a touch of flaxseed gel, and re-twisting some of the sections that had succumbed to frizz throughout the day. I released the touch-up twists right before walking into the rehearsal dinner. Friday night I water-spritzed, sectioned, detangled, braided and wrapped my hair with a satin scarf to maximize moisture and minimize shrinkage. Saturday morning I released the braids, did my usual wash-and-go (aka “The Becky”) and prayed that the Curly Gods would be on my side… 
And my prayers were answered! Once dressed I gently fluffed my hair right before walking  down the isle.
The wedding (held at the Cathedral of Light in Oakland, CA) was absolutely beautiful. Curly Divas showed up (and showed out) in marvelous ways.
Robyn, the Maid of Honor, said she loves her curls most on Day 2. She wore a pinned up wash-and-go with side bangs. 
Margaret (alllll the way from Lafayette, LA) rocked a beautiful salt and pepper afro.
Cometria’s side-pinned braid-out was marked by classical sophistication.
All in all the wedding, and its curly accompaniments, embodied the fun-heartedness and beauty of our bride who frequently rocks curls but opted for a sleek side bun adorned with a fresh cut orchid for her special day.
Congratulations Risha & William!

How do you ensure your curls are picture perfect for special occasions? 
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