Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hair Rules Review (The "Special Offer" has Ended)

Living the Curly (Curly, Curly, Curly)… Liiife requires a certain amount of dedication. One moment of weakness can set you back weeks, months, and sometimes even years. One trip to the salon to “see” how long my hair was when straightened left me with strands that just wouldn’t get curly and right again. One long weekend where I abandoned my nighttime braiding and satin head wrap ritual left me in single strand knot city. A week (or two) without a deep conditioning session and my hair reaches desert level dryness with frizz to match. This year, I made a commitment to my hair: I was going to maximize its care so that it could reach its maximum potential.
My newfound (or re-found if I am being totally accurate) commitment has led me to explore new products, invest time in new processes, and express appreciation for my hair by treating it with my best possible care… While I have stumbled upon some new practices (such as The Pre-Poo) that have left me (and my mane) forever changed… there are some things that just don’t require fixing. My commitment to Hair Rules (yes, Hair like H-A-I-R and Rules like R-U-L-E-S) is one of them.
My relationship with Hair Rules dates back to my Big Chop (BC) circa 2008 (Big Chop (BC) |Big CH├Ąp| n. An event in which one cuts a significant and oftentimes dramatic portion of hair off). My BC story is a tale within it self (one which I will save for another day). But the short of it is I had a head full of locs and I decided it was time to try something new (again) so I made the decision to cut my hair and I planned an entire weekend around the event. I made an appointment with Dickey (yes, THE Dickey) of the Hair Rules Salon in New York City. I figured if anyone could cut my hair to the quick and still make me feel pretty it was going to be him. I set the appointment, and flew from Los Angeles to New York. When I sat in Dickey’s chair he asked my reflection in the mirror if I was ready. I replied, “yes” and he got to cutting. When Dickey was done there wasn’t much hair left to talk about BUT I loved my new look and I wanted to do everything within my power to care for my hair so it would grow out and eventually look like the Curly Divas decorating the walls of the salon. So, off I went… with a bag of products in tow.
No matter what other products I have explored, Hair Rules remains my bread and butter. It’s the standard to which I compare EVERY new product I try. My hair loves it, I love it, and The Becky wouldn’t be “The Becky” without it. So, without further adieu here is my review of the three Hair Rules products I use most:
Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream ($15, 8oz) is a sulfate-free conditioning cleanser. While this product can be used daily I find myself using it 1-2 times per week (or whenever my hair feels like its needs cleansing or stops responding to my styling products. This no-poo has a pleasant smell, and gets my hair clean without stripping it of its moisture. I usually detangle with this product it is JUST that moisturizing.
Hair Rules Quench Conditioner ($15, 8oz) is my end-all be-all in the Hair Rules line. I use this product daily as a co-wash for my wash-and-gos. The conditioner provides a major punch in the slip department and does an AMAZING job moisturizing, detangling, helping my curls find each other, and preparing my hair for the styling product. Again the smell is mild and sophisticated (I like the way babies and bubble gum smell, but I don’t necessarily want to smell like them).
Hair Rules Curly Whip ($18, 8oz) is the styling product that defines my wash-and-goes. It offers enough hold without making my hair crunchy, it coats my hair without creating build up, and it has a way of disappearing into my hair to the point where I’d never even know it was there if I hadn’t have applied it myself. When I first started using Hair Rules I used their Kinky Curling Cream as my styler. As my hair grew longer I switched over to Curly Whip which is significantly lighter and maximizes the definition of my curls.
Hair Rules has changed my life and my hair for the better. The products are available in a variety of sizes both online through the Hair Rules website, and on the ground at select beauty supply and Target stores. While the price point is higher than many other products on the market I feel the benefits are well worth the splurge… BUT everyone likes a good deal SO, for 24 hours only (10am EST Wednesday 9/26/2012 to 10am EST Thursday 9/27/2012) Hair Rules is offering their products at a 40% discount through their website. Log on to, fill your cart to your heart’s (and head’s) content, and enter promotion code FLASH40 at checkout to score this monster deal. Act soon as products are already beginning to sell out.

             What is the product line that you just can’t live without and why?

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