Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Been So Looooong (Mystikal Voice)...

The first time someone mentioned to me that they hadn’t seen a Suzie CurlMichael post in a while I thought, “You’re right! I need to post something soon.”
When the second person asked me whether I was still writing my blog I replied, “Of course! I have a few things in the can.”
When my straight(haired), and curly(haired), and male(haired), and vanilla(haired), and chocolate(haired) friends alike began asking what was going on with my blog time and time again, I realized that I needed to devote some time to consider why I hadn’t been writing…
Did life get too good?
The holidays and the beginning of every year are always a really good time for me. I’m surrounded by people I love, I'm traveling, I’m eating good, I’m sleeping good, and feeling good which ultimately translated to my dedicating less time to sitting and writing about what my hair is doing. As the year began I dedicated an immense amount of time to self-reflection and my massive vision-board project. Writing took a back seat but was never too far from my mind.
Did I abandon my curls?
Hell NO! My hair still consumes a huge portion of my life and I am still a card holding member of #TeamNatural. I’ve trimmed in the last 6 months, I’ve hennaed regularly, deep conditioned weekly, Ebonnet-ed practically every night, washed-and-went most every day, twisted out, roller-sat, and spread the gospel to various Curlies who stop me on the street asking, “What’s that, a straw set?” (It’s not by the way).
Did I grow bored of talking about my curls?
(Pause) Well, I wouldn’t say that “bored” is the most accurate of words to describe how I'd been feeling… But I did reach a point where the anxiety of developing, writing, and editing posts exclusively about my curls became just one more thing I pushed off to tomorrow's to-do list.
So what’s a Curly to do???
When I began writing Suzie CurlMichael I limited my subject matter to my hair because I felt as though I could express myself without being an OVER-sharer... My mother reads this thing for goodness sakes (quite often if my view count when I haven’t posted in over a month is any indication “Hi Bernice!”) But my lovely Sugarer (blog about my sugaring obsession coming soon “Hi Misty!”) recently suggested that perhaps I should expand my subject matter. Hummmmmm.
While I’m probably not ever going to tell you who did what with the candlestick in the library, I am going to broaden my scope a bit and let you in on my world beyond my hairline. That being said… I gotta run. I just got back in town from a weekend in Vegas and I gotta put my life back together a little bit. And just in case you were wondering, there’s NO way you’re going to hear anything about that trip… girlfriend code. BUT I do have SO much to share with you now that I am loosening the reigns a bit. And I PROMISE I’ll be back soon.

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