Friday, November 30, 2012

On The Road Again... Traveling While Curly

Preparing for a trip brings about a laundry list (oh boy, I almost forgot that I had to do laundry) of items that need to be done prior to heading for the airport. This Thanksgiving my family and I headed to the east coast to mix it up with our east coast fam-bam. While my cousin perused her menu taking names of who was making their famous whatnot, and my mother called time and time again to tell me about the deal she got on a new sweater and her east coast winter worthy boots, I stared at a shower, cabinet, and vanity filled with products that were not going to make it past TSA without confiscation. As my anxiety began to rise (DARN YOU whoever decided that a quart sized bag of 3.4 oz containers was a reasonable limitation to impose on Curly-travelers) I had a “let go and let flow” moment. I pulled out my luggage, unzipped the expander, and began packing the full-sized quantities of my products. I was not going to let “The Man” and his Anti-Curly National Security Regulations get me down.
Because I was going to be gone for 7 days, I wanted to make sure I had enough of my essentials without having to rush into a Ricky’s to re-up mid-trip. I initially thought that I would rock twist outs the entire trip as cold weather, the lack of a trusty hooded dryer, and no LA sunshine to finishing the drying work did not sound like optimal conditions for The Becky (|T͟ bek-ee| n. a convenient hair style completed while in the shower. Also known as a "wash-and- go"). But I thought I should be prepared just in case I needed to return to my (co)wash-and-go during the trip. When it was all said and done, my Curly packing list included:

  1. Hair Rules Cleansing Cream (2 oz) – I only “wash” once or twice a week so I didn’t need much.
  2. Hair Rules Quench Conditioner (8 oz) – Conditioner is essential to The Becky.
  3. Hair Rules Curly Whip (8 oz) – My go-to styler for The Becky.
  4. Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner (8.5 oz) – I’ve begun using a leave-in prior to applying my styler for added moisture… My curls are loving it.
  5. Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner (11 oz) – The bottle was at the “shake and squeeze (then repeat)” stage. Since I was bringing everything BUT the kitchen sink I might as well bring a little deep conditioner.
  6. Hair Therapy Wrap Thermal Heat Wrap – Ehhh, why not if it fits.
  7. Wide-Tooth Comb
  8. Ebonnet by EboniCurls – I don’t lay down without it.
  9. Blow Dryer with Diffuser I am pleased I exercised some restraint and managed to draw the line at the idea of lugging a hooded dryer on an airplane.
I filled what remaining room I had in my luggage with the rest of the necessities… What else could you possibly need when you’re having a great hair day?
My first night in NYC I set my curls for a twist out. When I woke up in the morning my curls revolted with rebel-like un-definition. In that moment, I thanked Little Baby Jesus that I followed my instinct and packed my entire Curly life into my bag. I immediately wet my hair, went through the motions, and then sat down for what seemed like the longest diffusing session of my life. While I missed LA’s 70 degree weather which practically allows me to dry my hair with my sunroof I learned that I can adapt under less favorable conditions and make it work (“Curly Hair Away From Home” badge earned). Maybe by my Christmas trip I will earn my “Curly Hair in a Carry On” badge.
How do you manage your Curly-arsenal while traveling?

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