Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birth of a Blog...

I cannot count the number of times a random passersby has stopped, chased, touched, over-talked, interrupted, honked at, (did I say touched?), yelled at, questioned, complimented, pointed at, praised, smiled at, stared at, and TOUCHED (yes, again) me JUST to tell me something about my hair.
They like it.
They love it.
They want to know how I do it.
They ask how long I’ve had it.
They wonder what’s in it.
They touch it.
They ask to touch it (some people… sometimes).
By their reaction I would think my tresses kissed the floor as I walked along the street, or I had a haircut whose edgy factor deserved a place on the cover of Vogue magazine… Nope… The hairdo that draws these women, men, mothers, fathers, children is nothing more (or less, I suppose) than my curly top. My (not so) TWA (“teeny weeny afro” as the Bloggers call it… Wait, am I one of them, now?) draws mucho attention.
After running down my routine (more on the “Becky” later), repeating my routine, spelling out my products of choice (yes, it’s Hair like H-A-I-R and Rules like R-U-L-E-S), demonstrating how I apply product/finger detangle/shake my hair into being, detailing my infatuation with the DevaCut, and vehemently denying that I am rocking a texturizer/twist-out/braid-out/straw-set/”kit” (Oh, I’m sure the men wonder, this is LA after all), and admitting there's nothing especially mixed about this chick, I decided that I would birth a blog.
I am going to read up, try new products, mix it up, put it on, and write it out. Suzie CurlMichael is here. She’s curly, she’s fierce, and she’s changing the world… one curl at a time.

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